Vincent Pescatore

Hospital Vincent Pescatore

Through the Vincent Pescatore Eye Hospital, we provide eye health to the entire north of the country. 

The clinic operates a social area, of which 65% of the patients receive the service with a high rate of subsidy paying minimal fees. While 35% of patients receive the service of the clinic totally free. 


  • Ophthalmology Consultations 
  • Refractive Queries 
  • Cataract Surgeries 
  • Surgical Center 
  • Outreach Business Journey  
  • Catchment Journey  
  • Optics 

We offer the same social programs such as: 

  • Ventanitas de Luz Program 
  • Jornadas Oftalmologicas Program 
  • Cirugia de Catarata Program  
logo ventanitas de luz
Logo Cirugías de Catarata
Logo Jornadas Oftalmologicas
Logo Vincent pescatore

4ta Avenida y 17 calle zona 1,

Barrio 3 de Abril San Benito, Petén 

Tels: 7926-4746 y 79264754

Dona al 2414-0800